My Original Curriculum

Kutch: Die Verwandlung Curriculum

The documents on this page are part of a mini-curriculum I have developed that combines the visual and the verbal to help students develop and support skills of literary analysis.  The exercises correspond to the graphic novel version of Die Verwandlung cited here. The numbers mentioned in the files refer to pages in this version of the story (although the pages are not numbered).  Readers must number the pages themselves.

Die Unterrichtspraxis: Best Article Prize for 2015 from the AATG

Click here for my article published in the Spring 2014 issue of Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German: “From Visual Literacy to Literary Proficiency: An Instructional and Assessment Model for the Graphic Novel Version of Kafka’s Die Verwandlung
Corbeyran, Eric.  Die Verwandlung von Franz Kafka als Graphic Novel. Knesebeck.  ISBN 13: 978-3868732665

The Full Curriculum


English Language Assessments

Modified version of the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Reading Value Rubric.    Please see the AAC&U Website for the original rubric, other rubrics and further information about the organization.

English Language Samples of Curriculum

Die Verwandlung

AATG Webinar

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