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Meissner, Tobias and Reinhard Kleist. Berlinoir 2. Mord. Edition 52, 2004.

ISBN 13: 978-3935229371

The Berlinoir series is a gloomy political parable that brings together the darkest moments in the history of Berlin with the most cryptic human desires, forming an alarming vision of the future. In this installment, a series of gruesome murders disturbs the inhabitants of Berlinoir as subversives try to wrest control of the city from the newest vampire overlord.

Berlinoir 2 cover

teenViolence, suggestive themes.

Meter, Peer.  Gift.  Reprodukt, 2010. 

ISBN 13: 978-3941099418

Set in Bremen, and based on the life of Gesche Margarethe Gottfried, who over the course of 14 years, from 1813 to 1827, poisoned 15 people, including her husband, children and parents.

gift cover

gift sample


Meter, Peer and Isabel Kreitz, Haarmann.  Carlsen, 2010.

ISBN 13: 978-3551791078

Haarmann tells the story of Fritz Haarmann, one of the most brutal serial killers in Europe who also worked as a spy for the Hannover police department.  Night after night he hangs out in train stations looking for single men.  His familiarity with the police department helps him to gain trust with his victims, whom he then rapes. After murdering each of them, he sells their flesh to butchers in this time of want in Hannover.  Haarmann continues uncaught.

haarmannhaarmann sample

adultInstense sexual violence, graphic images, allusion to cannibalism, nudity, violence.

Wiedemann, Bernd.  Inspektor Kajetan und die Sache Koslowski.  Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 2011. 

ISBN 13: 978-3-421-04421-1

Munich, winter 1918-1919.  The journalist Meininger is wanted for arson.  Then someone finds his body and Inspektor Kajetan begins his investigations,which become terribly dangerous.  Apparently Meininger was there when information about the assassination of president Kurt Eisner was discovered.  This is a graphic novel version of Robert Hültner’s award winning novel.

Sample Text: from the first pages: “Einige Monate nor, dann kehrt ihr als Sieger zurück,” haben die Herrscher und Generäle versprochen.  Doch daraus sind nun bereits mehr als vier Jahre geworden. Und noch immer nimmt das Sterben kein Ende. Während die Geschäfte der Rüstungsfabrikanten, Kriegsgewinnler und Schiebe blendend laufen, demonstrieren München Frauen für Brot und Milch für ihre Kinder.

This story would work well to supplement historical material about the time period that students could read alongside this text. A background of or at least an introduction to the historical facts would probably be required for optimal comprehension.

The black and white pictures have the look of charcoal drawings and convey the bleak mood of the story very effectively.  Although the art takes on this look of broad strokes, the pictures are realistic enough to be compared with photographs from the time.  The artist also does not use a uniform style for the pictures or pages, not limiting action to panels or restrictive pages.

inspektor kajetaninspektor leseprobe

everyone 10

Muth, Jon. M. Cross Cult, 2009. 

ISBN 13: 978-3941248205

M cover

This book would be a great supplement to the classic Fritz Lang film.  The graphic novel reproduces the film in photographic still frame form. It would lend itself well to a retelling of the film’s plot or simple picture description because it contains very little text.

E for everyone

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