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Stetter, Moritz. Luther. Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlag, 2013.

ISBN-13: 978-3-579-07054-4

Sample Text: From the first two pages:  “Dies ist die Geschichte eines jungen Studenten, der sich auf dem Rückweg von einem Semesterurlaub bei den Eltern befindet.  Er hat gerade mit Bravour die Magisterwürde erworben. Eine glänzende Zukunft als Jurist wartet auf ihn. Der Vater hat ihm eine ehrbare und reiche Heirat arrangiert.” 

This book offers a graphic novel version of Martin Luther’s biography. It also contains short biographical sketches of other primary religious contemporaries.  Much more than just a biographical account, the author/illustrator offers distinct and extremely compelling illustrations of key turning points or personal revelations in Luther’s life. For example, when he struggles with his own sin, the author depicts Luther wrestling with an oversized dark figure.  His depictions of hell and demons are fittingly grotesque and disturbing.  The author/illustrator is also not afraid to portray Luther’s legendary crudeness and vulgarity. Many pictures show various types of bodily functions or sins of the flesh.

It would be valuable to use because it really offers compelling images of Luther’s strongest convictions and how he struggled with them every day.

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Radio Interview with Stetter on Deutschlandfunk

teen A lot of valuable biographical information about the reformer and an impressive artistic interpretation.  Nudity and depictions of urination, defecation and vomiting.

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