Menschen am Sonntag

Fior, Manuele. Menschen am Sonntag.  Berlin: avant-verlag, 2005.

ISBN: 3-9809428-3-X.

Sample Text: The main character is looking for a certain bar in Berlin. “Es ist schon Viertel nach eins und ich habe diese bescheuerte Kneipe immer noch nicht gefunden. Und natürlich fängt es auch noch an zu regnen.”

A love story set in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Fausto wants to get together one last time with his friends before he returns to Italy.  His plans drastically change when he meets up with his ex-girlfriend.

Although this brief description based on a summary found on the publisher’s website seems to place this novel squarely into the category of does not convey the versatility that this graphic novel offers German instructors and learners for vocabulary, culture as well as visual literacy.

Menschen am Sonntag offers beautifully and strikingly composed pictures that provide artistically designed snapshots of Berlin. It also contains largely conversational speech often missing from conventional  textbooks. Because it focuses on the experience of an Italian in Germany, it could also serve as template of sorts for study abroad students to document their own experiences.


matureSex scene with somewhat distorted images but still discernible. Scenes in  Berlin bars and talk of drinking and drug use.

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