Emil und die Detektive

Kreitz, Isabel. Emil und die Detektive.  Hamburg: Dressler Verlag, 2012.

ISBN-13: 978-3-7915-1168-9

Sample Text:  From the first page: “…Euch kann ich’s ja ruhig sagen! Die Sache mit Emil kam mir selber unerwartet… Eigentlich hatte ich ein ganz anderes Buch schreiben wollen..Einen richtigen Südsee-Roman hatte ich vor, weil mir mal ein Herr mit einem grossen Umhängebart erzählt hat, so würdet ihr am liebsten lesen.. aber der Oberkellner Nietenführ, mit dem ich manchmal über meine Arbeit spreche, war ganz anderer Ansicht!”

Isabel Kreitz has created a visually rich interpretation of Kästner’s work. As is evident from the above sample text, Kreitz’s text does not follow the original exactly.  Instructors could certainly incorporate the text either as visual support for students after they have read or while they read the original, or for evidence in  a study of literary adaptation.

It could be argued that the graphic novel version, with its variations on the original text, at times takes away from the original. For example, in the first scene “Emil hilft Köpfe waschen,” the original text includes the exchange: “Ist es nicht zu heiss?” “Nein, es geht,” antwortete der Kopf. This reduction of the woman having her hair done to a head creates a vivid visual image and perhaps says something about Emil’s perspective or the perspective of the hairdresser. In the graphic novel, that aspect is changed.  Nonetheless, the novel offers so much in the way of supplementary illustration for use alongside the original, or even with film versions in a study of media types.

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E for everyone

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